Many golfers struggle with pain and want to swing with greater flexibility without fear of joint or back pain. And nagging stiffness can lead to half-swings that not only minimize your distance but also are an irritating distraction. These symptoms can drain you, both physically and mentally, and take the enjoyment out of the game you love.

Golf Fuel Urgent Joint SupportTM, known as UJSTM, is a science-backed solution that is safe and natural and will support the healing of nagging back, elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, and neck pain.

UJSTM contains the exact same pain-relief ingredient backed by over 21 scientific studies and used by top touring professionals and Master Golf Instructors alike.

The key ingredient is a natural molecule called cetyl myristoleate, or CM for short, discovered by Dr. Harry W. Diehl at the National Institute of Health.

Studies show that CM helps heal sore, stiff, and achy joints. It also acts to naturally lubricate the joints in your body so they glide smoothly and painlessly during activity.*

UJSTM does not simply mask the pain signals like other potentially dangerous over-the-counter and prescription pain killers. Instead, it works directly on the source of the problem—helping to wipe out the inflammation so your body’s natural healing mechanism can help rebuild and soothe your aching joints.

Improve your range of motion and increase your ability to do everything from full swings to retrieving your ball from the cup.* UJSTM is a safe, natural solution to help alleviate joint pain and get you back in your game!