Do you suffer from sore achy muscles or have difficulty warming up those “troubled” areas before and during your round? Even the slightest tightness or tweak to your muscles can interrupt your focus and swing mechanics. And once that happens, it’s only a matter of time before your score starts to climb.

Golf Fuel Relieve GelTM is designed to help alleviate the pain. It is a soothing and fast acting, and deep-penetrating pain relief topical formula that helps support achy, tender muscles with a “heating and cooling” effect when applied.

Say goodbye to the smelly, sticky goop of the past. Golf Fuel Relieve GelTM comes in a handy 2oz bottle that can be easily applied. The roll-on bottle allows you to work in the gel, without getting anything on your hands. No mess at all!

The formula is scientifically designed and combines the effective ingredients of MSM with aloe vera. In addition, Golf Fuel Relieve GelTM uses Frescolat ML Natural as a natural alternative to menthol. Most commonly-used pain gels included menthol, which can cause skin irritation. Frescolat ML Natural is the first coolant without odor, and it provides sensations of cooling, tingling, and energizing.

Also, Golf Fuel Relieve GelTM includes another key ingredient called arnica, that other leading bands omit because of the cost. This extract has been known to stimulate circulation and promote the healing of wounds, bruises, and irritation when the skin is unbroken.

Within minutes Golf Fuel Relieve GelTM gets to the source of where it hurts and provides support and relief to those “troubled” areas and allows you to stay focused on your game and not your pain.*