At Golf Fuel, we promise to ensure that our scientifically-backed golf supplements deliver only the highest-quality, most effective formulas and ingredients to help support you and your golf game!

For a golf supplement to become Golf Fuel Certified and Approved, it must first undergo a stringent and scientifically-based 7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol. Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1: World Class Formulators. Every formula must meet the approval of the Golf Fuel Team of medical doctors, chemists, researchers, and nutritionists.
  • Step 2: Scientific Doses™. We only use the exact amount of each ingredient that’s been proven in research to be effective and to produce results.
  • Step 3: Pharmaceutical-Grade Raw Ingredients. We use only the highest-quality and purest ingredients.
  • Step 4: Raw Ingredient Testing. All of our ingredients come with a certificate of analysis providing verification of their purity and potency.
  • Step 5: FDA-Registered Manufacturing. Golf Fuel supplements are only produced in FDA-registered labs with the Good Manufacturing Practices certification.
  • Step 6: 3rd Party Quality Assurance Testing. A random sample from every production run is sent to an independent, FDA-accredited lab to verify that it contains exactly what the label states and that it is completely free from harmful byproducts and contaminants.
  • Step 7: Scientific Advisory Board. Before a product reaches you, the customer, it must undergo the strictest of tests: application and approval from our Scientific Advisory Board Members, as well as us!

Golf Fuel, LLC. was founded in Austin, TX and all of our scientifically designed products are made in the U.S.A. under close quality inspection from our board of scientists.

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8201 Spinnaker Bay Drive
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