Relieve Gel™

Golf Fuel Relieve Gel™ is designed to help alleviate the pain. It is a soothing and fast acting, and deep-penetrating pain relief topical formula that helps support achy, tender muscles with a “heating and cooling” effect when applied.


Brain Vitamins™

Do you find it difficult to concentrate for 18 holes, most golfers do.  Playing great golf requires mental focus.  Get the edge you need to help lower scores, support your mental focus while improving concentration and hand-eye coordination.


Urgent Joint Support™

Struggling with nagging stiffness and want to swing with greater flexibility without fear of joint or back pain?  UJS supports the relief of joint pain, stiffness and discomfort.  Help alleviate your pain and get you back in your game.


Focus Drinks™

First scientifically-designed sports drink infused with the vitamins and amino acids that golfers need to get in the zone. A unique blend of ingredients that help support mental focus, alertness, stamina and reaction time.


Hydration Pro™

Do you know what to drink on the course to help your game?  Here’s your answer… Hydration Pro provides your muscles with the power packed amino acids and electrolytes that will maximize your endurance and boosts your hydration.  The drink mix is both refreshing and delicious.



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